PureDrops CBD

Organically Grown and THC-free

Full Spectrum CBD (with THC)

Broad Spectrum CBD (without THC)

From Organically Grown Hemp

Lab certified for purity and content

What is CBD?

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PURE DROPS CBD is carefully formulated to maximize your health.
Dr. Ashok Mehta formulated PURE DROPS CBD to make the maximum contribution to your health.

Ashok Mehta, MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Why CBD Oil ?

PureDrops CBD OIl

We source our oil from organically grown hemp farm, with no pesticide use.  Then we have it lab tested and certified.  Our Oil is extracted by CO2 extraction method, this process maintain the full spectrum of Oil, which means all 70-80 oils are extracted without damaging the compound, which is very important for its full efficacy. As a Practising physician, I have been using CBD oil to treat various life style illnesses, such as chronic pain, neuropathy, migraine and anxiety/insomnia. There is ongoing research in this area and it look very promising.